How it works

1. Choose a race and book it.


2. Run the required kilometers.


3. Send a screenshot of your running app or a photo of your stopwatch or the display of your treadmll  to our email address


In this mail you tell us

-your name

-your paypal address

-the name of the race

-the address where to send the medal


Please tell us if you don`t want to be listed in the leaderboard.


Your mail could look like this:


Dear Virtual Running Team,


this was a great month, I have two new personal records.


Name: Max Mustermann

Address: Ananasstraat 5,

2513 Den Haag




The screenshot is in the attachment.

Of course I want to be mentioned in the leaderboard.

Until next time!



4. Wait for your medal to arrive in your postbox.


5. Enjoy your new trophy and be proud.


Maybe you send us a picture of you and your medal? Or even a photo of your trophy collection or your hall of fame?





Your screenshot could look like this...

or like this...