Welcome Runners!


Welcome to the first german website for virtual runs.


This is a website for runners or people who would like to become runners.

Nice, that you found us!


Now Coronavirus has reached us runners- unfortunately. Many races have been cancelled or postponed. 

That is annoying, especially if you have trained for your race, planned the trip and have been looking forward to it.

Of course you are disappointed. Unfortunately we can t take the disappointment away from you but for a little consolation we launched the SARS-CoV-2-Replacement-Race

All standard distances are available. Join us and have fun!


We have new races and a brandnew Challenge. Are you ready?

Sweat and earn one of our great special Challenge-Medals, finish your private triathlon or challenge yourself and your friends in one of our other races.

Achieve your goals, be your own rival, be your own hero!




What is a virtual run?


A virtual run is a  real race that you run in your real life; it has nothing to do with a computer game.

You have to run a certain amount of kilometers on your own feet. Wheelchairs are welcome, too.

The difference to an official race is that you decide on your own when and where it takes place.

That means it is not necessary to start at a prescibed time at a prescribed place; you are not dependent on the run organizer`s timetable.

Virtual runs have some advantages.

You can run with your baby-jogger or run with your dogs. No organizer will interfere.

If you think it is a great idea to begin your race at three o`clock in the night-fine. Do so.

You needn`t travel to the start and look for a parking.

You prefer running alone but you like to compete with other runners and get a nice medal for your effort? Great!


Then a virtual run is just the thing for you. Book your race here.

Thats how it works.




Set new goals and meet new challenges!

With a goal in mind it is much easier to train and stay focussed.

You are not yet a runner? Then this is a great opportunity to meet your new hobby.

If you don`t want to train alone, find a training partner or a group and share your successes and sufferings.


In future we plan many new races and challenges, therefore you should take a glance to our website now and then.


With your support our website will become more and more interesting, colourful and exciting.