What is a virtual run?

A virtual run is a race where you choose the location, the pace and the time on your own. 


Who can participate?

Anyone who wishes. You should be healthy enough to jog slowly. Children should ask there parents for permission.

Beginners and advanced runners are welcome.


Whats the difference between walking and running?

During walking one foot always remains on the floor. During running both feet leave the floor temporarily. Tthat´s the difference, it does not have to do with speed. 


But can`t you cheat in a virtual run?

Yes, of course you can. Of course you can tie your GPS on Fido`s dog collar, on your little nephew`s tricycle or great-grandpa`s rollator. But then be fair and hang the medal around THEIR neck.

No, really. When you participate in one of our races we assume that you have the sporting ambition and pride to decorate your Hall of Fame only with trophies that earned honestly. With dedication, sweat and sometimes some suffering. Only then you can enjoy your success, or not?


Can I run on the treadmill?

We recommend to run in fresh air and to enjoy the scenery. 

But we know that there is not always a good running track available. Maybe you don t want to run through the darkness after work or you don t like to meet aggressive people or dogs. Maybe you don t have anyone who takes care for the children...

There are many reasons why you can t run outside-so-

yes, you can run on the treadmill.


Are wheelchair users welcome?



Can I use the elliptical/ the crosstrainer?



The stationary bike?



I don t live in Germany. Can I still participate?

Of course! The more the merrier. We just have to add a postage fee to send your medal to a foreign address.


How to pay?

With Paypal.


I don t have a Paypal account. What now?

The best thing to to is to ask a friend who has a paypal account to book the race for you. Just send a message that the person who pays is not the person who runs. 

Or just open a Paypal-account. It is easy, comfortable and usually free of charge.


Can I book a race for someone else? For my whole running group? As a present or surprise?

Of course you can. Just send us a message and tell us the details.


Do I have to run the required kilometers in one go?

That depends on the race you chose. Usually you should run our 5km, 10km and 21km races in one go. In the challenges you can usually split the kilometers in multiple runs.

Read the descriptions of the races carefully. There you can find the details you need. If you need more information don t hesitate to ask.


I don t manage to run the required kilometers. What now?

Now happens the same as in a real race. Who doesnt finish the race doesnt receive the medal and the honors.

That is annoying but there will always be a next race.


What do I buy actually?

You buy the participation in the race. You do not buy the medal. That has to be earned.